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SMMplanner: the social networks management system

The guidelines of Instagram account management


  • use MF/ML and other services together with SMMplanner at your own risk
  • use the same proxy on all services and devices
  • don't use your account on mobile device without proxy
  • especially if you travel to another country/location
  • you can use it when there are no posts scheduled
  • don't spam and don't use spam hashtags
  • don't post the same content to multiple accounts simultaneously, use schedule
  • don't use trash accounts bought somewhere

Instagram is known for banning accounts for cheating and other illegal activities. Clean, legal accounts never prohibited for using our service. Nevertheless, we recommend you to read the following recommendations.

Instagram bans accounts, not manually but by some algorithm that is known only to Instagram. But, based on our experience, we have compiled a list of some of the criteria on which Instagram calculates the suspicious accounts and forbids them.

Any suspicious activity – is a warning bell for the algorithm and they are summarized. But if you make enough time intervals between the suspicious activity, the probability of banning gradually decreases. Much of this is mentioned in the Instagram terms of use.

We do not recommend to connect your account to our service, immediately after use of other services and tools, as this additional suspicious activity that may be the last straw for the Bana algorithm. Clean, legal accounts never get ban for using our service. But if Your account used MF or ML, we recommend giving this account "to settle" for some time, before connecting it to our or any other service.

In case of banning of CLEAN account for a connection to our service (which in practice has not yet happened), it is possible to restore it through technical support of Instagram, as You did not break the rules, and change of IP could be caused by a trip or move. We will be happy to assist you in resolving this issue.