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SMMplanner: the social networks management system

The safety of your account

We do not store passwords on your accounts

Instagram account password is not stored on the server. Once you sign into your account using the password, the device saves necessary for the application information - session without a password. Passwords of accounts of other social networks are not requested at all. The standard OAuth authentication is used.

The transfer of all data is carried out via a secure SSL connection

What protects against MitM attacks.

Using modern open source software

Open source software is more reliable and secure than proprietary. Millions of people from around the world working on its security. Use the latest stable versions means no known vulnerabilities.

To work with Instagram are used virtual devices

We do not hack the Instagram protocol and for it these devices look like real ones.

To work with other social networks are used the official API

Read our guidelines on how to work with Instagram

Despite the fact that we follow safety rules when working with Instagram, you also should not forget them.