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Privacy Policy

Publication date of current edition: 04.16.2018

Registering on SMMplanner Service, User (natural person) decides to provide his/her personal data to Administrator and gives consent to personal data processing by Administrator in accordance with principles, for the purposes and by means defined in this document (hereinafter as Policy).

If User refuses to provide requested personal data, registration on Service cannot be completed.

Terms used in Policy shall be construed in the meaning as defined in User Agreement (https://smmplanner.com/legal/agreement).

  1. General Provisions
    1. User grants Administrator the right to process personal data with or without automation means, including Internet. Processing includes: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storing, specifying (updating, modification), copying, extraction, using, transfer (dissemination, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deleting and removing of personal data. In relation to the purposes of processing, User agrees to ensure accuracy, sufficiency and, if necessary, actuality of Personal data provided by Administrator.
    2. Processing includes: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storing, specifying (updating, modification), copying, extraction, using, transfer (dissemination, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deleting and removing of personal data.
    3. In relation to the purposes of processing, User agrees to ensure accuracy, sufficiency and, if necessary, actuality of Personal data provided by Administrator.
  2. Scope of Processed Information
    Processed information includes:
    1. Personal information provided by User itself, including: name, email, payment information and other data.
    2. Technical and statistical information:
      1. IP address of User's computer, location and time of access;
      2. information provided by User's web-browser, including, type of device, version of the web-browser, operational system, data from referring web-site et al.
    3. Information on User's actions on Service.
  3. Purposes of Personal Data Processing
    1. Purpose of User's personal data processing is that Administrator performs properly its obligations to User under User Agreement entered by Administrator and User.
    2. User agrees that Administrator is entitled to use his/her personal data for the purposes to:
      1. transfer personal data to payment systems and paying agents when payment is made within Service's functions;
      2. implement partner and other programs related to distribution of advertising information via email, phone and other possible means;
      3. compare personal information to confirm its accuracy and to be inspected by the third parties in cases stipulated by the law;
      4. prevent cases of fraud and of other abuse, and investigate these cases;
      5. perform statistic and other research based on depersonalized data;
      6. settle disputes, collect feedbacks and find defects;
      7. improve quality of Service performance, its usability, and develop new functions.
  4. Principles of Personal Data Processing
    Administrator shall act on the basis of the following principles:
    1. Lawful and fair processing of personal data.
    2. Personal data processing in accordance with specific, pre-determined and legitimate purposes.
    3. No interconnection of databases with personal data processed for the purposes incompatible with each other.
    4. Compliance of personal data scope and volume with stated purposes of processing.
    5. Accuracy, sufficiency, actuality and authenticity of personal data.
    6. Legitimacy of technical measures to process personal data.
    7. Reasonable and practicable processing of personal data.
    8. Storage of personal data for no longer than required by the purposes of processing or during the term of User's consent.
    9. Processed personal data shall be removed or depersonalized after the purposes of processing are achieved or there is no need in these purposes anymore.
  5. Processing of Personal Data
    1. Administrator shall process personal data upon User's consent and at its own efforts and expenses or with outsourcing.
    2. Processing of User's personal data starts from the moment of its obtaining.
    3. Personal data are collected by the following means:
      1. Subjects provide their personal data by filling corresponding fields on Service.
      2. Information on User is collected automatically through technologies and services: web-protocols, cookie files, tags launched only when User enters his/her data.
    4. Personal data storing and using:
      1. User's personal data are stored exclusively on duly protected electronic mediums and processed by automated systems, except cases, when non-automated processing of personal data is requied by the Russian Federation law.
      2. During personal data processing, Administrator shall ensure using of databases located on the territory of the Russian Federation.
      3. User's personal data are stored on Administrator's server for thirty six months months from the moment of its obtaining.
    5. Transfer of personal data. Administrator shall not transfer personal data to the third parties without User's consent, except cases, when the information is public or transfer is required:
      1. to ensure compliance with requirements of the Russian Federation law, as well as to prevent, restraint User's unlawful actions and protect legal interests of Administrator and third parties.
      2. by publiс authorities to comply with the Russian Federation law.
      3. for service providers to perform obligations under corresponding agreement, subject to they observe terms of personal data processing set forth in the Policy.
    6. Blocking of personal data. Administrator reserves the right to stop temporarily the processing of personal data (except cases, when processing is necessary to specify personal data).
    7. Removing of personal data. Administrator is entitled to remove User's personal data if:
      1. Server's security is under threat;
      2. User breaches provisions of User Agreement;
      3. User sends request to Administrator's email.
  6. User's Rights
    1. Users is entitled to obtain information on his/her personal data processing including:
      1. confirmation of the personal data processing;
      2. legal basis for personal data processing;
      3. purposes and used by Administrator methods of personal data processing;
      4. information on persons, to which personal data can be disclosed under agreement with Administrator or in accordance with the Russian Federation law;
      5. other information stipulated by the Russian Federation law.
    2. User is entitled to revoke his/her consent to personal data processing, by deleting his/her Account or writing to Administrator to email: order@smmplanner.com.
  7. Administrator's Obligations
    In accordance with requirements of Federal Law On Personal Data, Administrator shall:
    1. Upon User's request, provide information related to his/her personal data processing or provide User with reasonable refusal.
    2. Take measures, necessary and sufficient to ensure performance of obligations defined by Federal Law On Personal Data.
    3. Upon User's demand, specify processed personal data, block or remove them, if personal data are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, obtained unlawfully or are not necessary for the stated purposes of processing.
    4. If User revokes its consent to personal data processing, stop the processing and remove personal data not later than Thirty days from the moment of receiving of said revoke, except cases, when the processing could be proceeded in accordance with the legislation.
  8. Limitations on Policy's Scope
    1. Policy covers exclusively Service and shall not be applied to other web-sites.
    2. User shall be careful and responsible when placing his/her own personal data on Service. Administrator is not liable for the actions of the third parties that obtain access to User's personal data through the fault of the latter.
  9. Final Provisions
    1. The text of Policy is prepared in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data.
    2. Administrator is entitled to change text of Policy. Date of the latest update shall be pointed in the latest edition, if any changes are made.
    3. Policy is made in Russian language and may be provided in English for User's guidance. If there are any controversies between Russian text and the text in any other language, provisions of Policy in Russian shall prevail.
  10. Administrator's Contact and Bank Details
    Bank details:
    Dmitry Yurievich Bashkatov, sole proprietor
    OGRNIP 315774600243562
    INN 121522926545
    Address: 3 Sredny Ovchinnikovsky Lane, Office 304, 115184, Moscow, Russia
    Tel.: +7 (499) 348 22 71