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SMMplanner: the social networks management system
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Be safe

  • SSL encryption
  • No passwords in our database
  • Professional team

Growing with you

  • 1,375,070 social pages connected
  • 16,743,162 published posts
  • Scheduled posting and deleting To any social page (personal, organization, whatever)
  • Unlimited social accounts
  • Image editor
  • Working 24/7 Everything will be published in time
  • Flexible billing plans No credit card required to get started
  • Affiliate program
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Opportunities we offer


Post to all social networks with just a couple of clicks! Cover more audience with other social networks. And introduce them your business.


Manage all your accounts using unified web-interface from any location without social authorization.


Create publications schedule and send posts to selected social networks with just a couple of clicks.


We don't store your passwords. So even if hacked villain won't get access to your accounts.


Wide choice of billing plans allow you to choose the most fittable plan for your tasks.


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Video in Instagram

Today video became available for posting in Instagram. Max videofile size allowed for upload and editing is 32Mb. System cut out first 15 seconds of video if the size is exceeded, thus please pay attention to the size of your videofile to avoid unexpected content of your posts.

One could add video thumbnail. To do ...