We have implemented Pinterest support! Now you can connect your Pinterest accounts and make scheduled pins using SMMplanner.

And we eventually have finalized a round of fundamental interface update - it was moved to a new platform. Unfortunately, it turned out to take us much longer than we expected. Nevertheless the foundation was laid. Further development and interface update won't take long. We hope to provide you with new features and functions in the nearest future.

There are many of you who wait for it to become possible to post videos in Instagram. This option will be released next. Its functionality is currently being tested. We need a couple of days to observe server process to make sure no bugs or errors appear.

The new UI is now adaptive. We made it more friendly to mobile devices. We’ve also changed location of a menu panel. Now it’s on left hand side and it could be hidden. Filter panel is located on the right hand side. It became much more convenient as there were only few of you who had an idea of it.

We kindly ask you to inform us of any drawbacks. Please feel free to write messages to community or community admins, or to support team. We’ll appreciate your assistance.